Cleaning & Treating Your Olive Wood Boards

Cleaning & Treating Your Olive Wood Boards

Here is our brief how-to guide to keep your olive wood cutting board in beautiful condition.

Cleaning: Wash your cutting board as soon as possible after use. Our olive tree cutting board is best cleaned with soap on a coarse sponge or brush. Rinse the board with warm water and dry quickly and thoroughly with a clean tea towel. Place your cutting board upright to dry. It is important that you never wash your cutting board in a dishwasher or soak it, as both destroy the wood. Do not expose your cutting boards to extreme heat or cold. 

Oiling: An olive tree cutting board should always be cleaned before oil treatment. For the application of oil, use a white lint-free cloth. Apply the oil with the cloth, spreading an even layer along the grooves in the wood on both sides of the cutting board. Let the oil pull for 3-5 minutes. Then all excess oil should be wiped off with a dry and clean cloth.

Place your cutting board up to dry. Your cutting board should be oiled at least once a month. For oiling our cutting boards, we recommend using olive oil.

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