The Super Long Spaghetti

The Super Long Spaghetti

This is not your average spaghetti. Measuring nearly 2 feet in length, it makes for an impressive party trick or show-stopping gift for the foodie in your life. 

Like all our pastas, this Spaghetti is made in Gragnano, Naples. Its unique microclimate, which provides the right amount of sun, wind and humidity, makes Gragnano known as the best place in Italy to produce pasta. 

Pasta di Gragnano is a trademark and quality stamp that ensures that this pasta is made from premium wheat from Gragnano and the calcium-poor water of Monti Lattari. In addition, the pasta is cut with rough bronze molds and dried at low temperatures over several days.

For recipe inspiration using this wonderful pasta, visit our recipes page. If you're concerned about whether your home kitchen can accommodate its special size, scroll down on this page for a guide on how to cook our Spaghetti!

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