Made by Mama Olive Oil: An Exceptional Experience

Made by Mama Olive Oil: An Exceptional Experience

We cultivate and harvest our olives exclusively from more than 6000 organically certified olive trees, located between Lucca and Pistoia in Italy's super-zone for extra virgin olive oil.

All our olives are harvested by hand and pressed into on the same day they are picked, within no more than six hours.

Our oil is a complex blend of 4 varieties of olives. The blend consists primarily of the three main varieties that are native to the area - Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo, with a small amount of the Pendolino variety. The main purpose of Pendolino is to help with cross-pollination in the olive groves. The other varieties each contribute unique properties which, in combination, create what we believe to be the perfect extra virgin olive oil.

Leccino is one of the most widespread olive varieties in Italy and originates in Tuscany. It is characterized by a mild but delicious taste. The Frantoio variety packs more punch, with a stronger flavor with notes of artichoke and fresh almost, and a notable aftertaste. Moraiolo, on the other hand, adds spice to our oil. It also offers a slightly fruity taste, with additional notes of artichoke and green grass. 

Everything we do at Made by Mama is centered around fantastic flavor and quality. As soon as our blend is in place, we perform a sensorial taste test in an official panel and have an official laboratory analyze our oil to ensure we have reached our high taste and quality goals

We aim for a traditionally Tuscan flavor that will transport you straight to Italy, without ever being overly bitter or strong. This is a flavor that excites the senses, and is versatile enough to elevate countless dishes. We weigh the balance of excellent taste with the properties we want in the oil, including an ultra-low level of free fatty acids, ultra-low level of oxidation and an extra high level of polyphenols (antioxidants).

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