Pasta Pappardelle

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Pappardelle is one of the classics of Italian pasta cuisine. It is a pasta used for powerful sauces such as meat sauce or mushroom sauce. This gorgeous ribbon-like pasta makes for a classic Italian feel, and the high quality of Made by Mama's pasta in particular ensure that sauce will bind beautifully to each piece.


Our pasta is produced in Gragnano, Naples. The unique microclimate, which provides the right amount of sun, wind and humidity, makes Gragnano known as the best place in Italy to produce pasta.

Pasta di Gragnano is a trademark and a quality stamp that ensures that the pasta is made with premium wheat from Gragnano and calcium-poor water from Monti Lattari. In addition, the pasta is cut with rough bronze molds and dried at low temperatures over several days.

100% Italian hard wheat semolina, water.