Organic Chili Olive Oil, 100ml

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Our peperoncino chili infused olive oil is made from our own organic olive oil infused with essential oils extracted from organic chilis. This spicy olive oil pairs well with pizza, over salads, or as some extra spice in a stew or soup.

The properties of our oil are considered by many to be among the best in the world. To learn more about our oil, please see this page. 

Storage: The flavor and complexity of extra virgin olive oil is optimally preserved when stored in dark, cool environments. Without these conditions, your oil will still be delicious, but perhaps slightly less potent.


Our olive oil production begins in the fields of Tuscany, where our oil expert and partner in Made by Mama, Lars, works tirelessly to create some of the best olive oil on Earth. Lars grew up on an olive grove, and his dedication to his craft and respect for tradition is a miracle you can taste in every drop of our oil.

Our groves contain approximately 5000 olive trees that we are able to harvest only once a year. Each tree yields enough olives to make about 1/2 liter of our extra virgin olive oil. This means that the oil you receive from Made by Mama is absolutely pure, unmixed oil, unlike many other brands on the market. We do not use any additives or chemicals, and process our oil only by mechanical processes - the old fashioned way!

This also means that once we are sold out, we have to wait until the next harvest season to replenish our oil supply - so we are very sincere when we say that our bottles are limited!

Extra virgin olive oil, essential oil of chili.