Carrara Marble Dish, Large Rectangle

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This marble dish comes from Carrara in Tuscany. It is tremendously beautiful in its simplicity. This dish can be used as a dish for serving charcuterie, cheese, any hors d'œuvres, salad, bruschetta, and so much more. It can also be used as a tray where you line up your olive oils and vinegars in the kitchen. On the underside of the unique marble, we have attached leather so it is soft to touch and does not dent your table.
Our rectangular marble dish measures approximately 40 x 25 x 1.7 cm.

Alberto is our marble man. He grew up near Prato and when he was nine, his father passed away. Alberto had to go to work after completing "scuola media" (middle school) at the age of 15. Alberto's father had been a bricklayer, but through his old friends Alberto got a job with Vasco, who was the “Marmista" (the Italian word for "the man who works with marble"). Vasco took Alberto under his wing and taught him all he knew about marble and other stone types. Alberto and Vasco forged a unique bond over the years and Alberto ended up working with Vasco for 23 years. When Vasco passed away, Alberto continued his passionate work with marble. Today, Alberto creates the most beautiful marble products, including our unique dishes.