Parmesan Parmigiano Reggiano, 400g

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Our Italian Parmesan cheese is the real deal: Parmigiano Reggiano made in the small Italian city of Reggio Emilia. Here, three generations of cheesemaking experts work under the supervision of cheesemaster matriarch, Mama Marisa, to craft Italy's best parmesan cheese. Our team won the world's finest prize in the Parmesan category, SUPER GOLD, placing over 2,472 other cheeses. We think that's pretty wild – and well deserved!

Parmigiano can be enjoyed in countless ways: shaved over salads, grated onto pasta, stirred into soups, and so much more. Our favorite way to enjoy this wonderful real parmesan cheese is in small pieces, broken off with a proper parmesan knife, and doused and drizzled with Dark Balsamic Vinegar and our gorgeous, peppery Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Our Parmigiano Reggiano is made the old fashioned way, with milk from the happiest, most well fed cows in Italy. It is then aged for 24 months in a facility designed specifically for the creation of top tier parmesan, and highly regulated by the Italian DOP authorities to guarantee it meets all the requirements of DOP. Visit the Explore & Learn page for a tour of our parmesan production facility, and for more information on how this magical cheese is crafted under Italy's highest standards. 

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Milk, salt, rennet.