Biodegradable coffee capsules for Nespresso®, Since1939 Blend, 10 pcs

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SINCE1939 is a coffee blend, which has been developed to perfection over the years. The coffee beans from Central America and Central Africa provide a full and balanced coffee with notes of dark chocolate and a perfect crema. SINCE1939 is darkly toasted and, with an intensity of 8 out of 10, it is suitable for Espresso, Ristetto, or with a little milk.

Our capsules are produced with corn starch, sugar cane, plant fibers and other sustainable raw materials and are made using renewable energies. This unique composition means that the capsules can be tossed in the compost or disposed of with non-recyclable waste. 

We are very proud of this environmentally friendly capsule. It maintains the rich aroma and taste optimally for more than 12 months using an extremely effective oxygen barrier.

The capsule is made to fit your original Nespresso® machine. 


Italian espresso from roasted coffee.